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Ukrainian Formats Catalogue: DISCOP Istanbul 2015

Ukrainian Formats Catalogue is going to DISCOP Istanbul 2015

| On 29, Jan 2015

UA Formats is a catalogue of almost every Ukrainian format made on local TV with a common feature – a great success story of broadcast: either in terms of ratings, number of seasons on air or number of local adaptations in CIS countries or all three. international buyers can now access a vast variety of premier formats from Ukraine (that have never been launched in the international market before) from one single resource – UA Formats (which will also handle international distribution of the titles).

UA Formats project launch was initiated by Iryna Kostyuk (Co-Founder of Media Resources Management), put together the most successful original Ukrainian TV formats, developed and produced by Ukrainian producers and TV channels. The UA Formats catalogue includes Ukrainian TV long-livers such as the sensational political talk-show ‘Freedom of Speech’ (Ukr. Svoboda slova), the first Ukrainian talent-show Chance (Ukr. Shans), created and aired well before the legendary Got Talent and X Factor, Crossing Europe (Ukr. Galopom po Evropah), the most beloved travel-show of Ukrainians at the beginning of the century. Aside from local “classics”, the catalogue also includes a range of current top-ranked rating-boosting titles such as Auditor (Ukr. Revisor), a social reality show that unveils the truth about Ukrainian hotels and restaurants and which has already been adapted in Russia with great success. Each of UA Format titles is an exceptional idea that has maintained its top positions on Ukrainian TV throughout many years. These shows have proved their success with high ratings and strong Ukrainian viewership. Many of these programs have already been aired and produced in other CIS countries.

Many of these formats, despite international potential and success on Ukrainian TV have never been presented to the right holders on the international market. The main incentive of the UA Formats project is to introduce remarkable Ukrainian ideas and developments on international level and show the genuine potential of Ukrainian creativity to foreign buyers, with international format business standards.

UA Formats is an unprecedented project due to the fact that it is very rare that a single project can unite and pool together the efforts of almost all Ukrainian TV format business players (as formats rights holders), including independent producers and major TV groups.

The project premiered on September 15, 2014, at KIEV MEDIA WEEK 2014’s conference and screening event ‘Format Show‘.

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