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Turkey's Booming Local TV Content and International Market

Turkey’s Booming Local TV Content and International Market

| On 27, Mar 2014

We are now just under 3 weeks past DISCOP Istanbul but it’s presence and significance in Turkey and surrounding regions is still making its way into the press. C21 published an article yesterday (March, 26th), that focused on Turkey’s high quality original TV content, it’s influence around the world and its remaining market for finished TV programing from around the world.

We (DISCOP) have been aware of this trend in Turkey’s TV market and are proud to contribute to the regions Television renaissance. Turkey recently became the world’s second largest TV drama producer second only to the U.S. and the world is taking notice. Where once the world was looking to sell programing, the world is now looking to buy programing. We reported last month on Global Agency selling the first Turkish drama to a Latin American country for a telenovela adaptation, a trend that is expected to increase. According to C21 Media, international content producers are having to find ways of creating and selling programming that can compete with local Turkish content that is often more relevant to local audiences.

Although the quality of Turkey programing has made it a bit more difficult for international content producers, it does not mean there isn’t a demanding market in Turkey for finished programing. C21 quoted DISCOP’s Patrick Jucaud saying, “Turkey is a huge market, just by the size of its population – close to 80 million people. You have a highly educated audience in the country that will not be satisfied watching only content made in that territory.”

C21 goes on to reference the recent success of the American show The OC. The show was introduced to Turkey in a prime time slot and was a major success, running as the number one show on Fridays; proving there remains a strong market for completed international TV programing in Turkey.

Experts are also seeing an increase interest in imported factual/documentary programing which has been a challenging sale in Turkey. According to C21 Ayse Poffet, head of finance at Swiss-based factual distributor First Hand Films, senses a change due to a growing number of younger viewers watching a greater range of programing.

The excellent quality of Turkish programs and TV formats will continue to present challenges for international distributers but it’s growing, educated youth will continue to provide new market demands that will keep Turkey an attractive market for international content creators.

You can read the entire article from HERE.

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