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Launch of BEEMAA to Take PLace at DISCOP Istanbul

Launch of BEEMAA to Take PLace at DISCOP Istanbul

ISTANBUL, TURKEY, (February, 03, 2014) – The launch of the first association of entertainment marketing professionals that bridges Europe, the Middle East and North Africa and Asia will take place at DISCOP Istanbul during the Branded Entertainment conference on Day 3, March 6, 2014.

Named as BEEMAA (Branded Entertainment EUROPE MENA ASIA Association), and with headquarters in Istanbul, the association will facilitate the necessary tools for global brands to meet suitable productions in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and Asia, as well as for productions to benefit from the support of global brands contributing to the making of higher-budget and higher-quality productions.

DISCOP Day 3’s conference, co-organized by Basic Lead and 3P Product Placement Production, will host more than 16 professionals from all over the world who will discuss Branded Entertainment success stories, regulations, executions and budgets. Among the guest speakers are (RTÜK) Turkey’s Radio and Television Supreme Council member Dr. Hamit Ersoy, Deena Edwards, Global Branded Solutions Senior VP at Discovery Networks, FRAPA (Format Recognition and Protection Association) CEO Patty Geneste, and Mercedes-Benz Türk Marketing Communications Team Leader Başak Demiryumruk Dikici.

The last session of the conference will give a start to BEEMAA. “With the help of BEEMA, brands will be able to easily reach their target audiences and production companies will benefit from an ideal pool of contacts and information. Istanbul stands as a bridge between Europe, Asia and the Middle East and North Africa, regions were Turkish serials are very popular,” says M. Akif Ebiçlioğlu, co-founder of BEEMAA and CEO of 3P Product Placement Production.

3P Product Placement Production’s partner agency in Hollywood, A List Entertainment, is among the founders of the association. Marsha R. Levine, the agency’s CEO and also founding member of the United States’ Entertainment Resource & Marketing Association (ERMA) says “over the years we established the working protocols, ethics and guidelines of business practices for product placement in the United States that are in place today. Through the association, agents also became close associates with good relations.
And through BEEMA the industry and agents in these countries will now also have the ability to build strong ties and relations. I am delighted to be part of this new exciting organization and again thank 3P for all its efforts in founding this organization.”


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