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We Deliver Meetings

DISCOP Istanbul exhibiting and non-exhibiting delagates – except visitors – are entitled to personalized services and online tools designed to help them  identify and set up meetings with prospects BEFORE and DURING the market.

Powered by impeccable business profiles on each participating company, agenda planning tools, user-friendly search engines and in-house, multilingual specialists available 24/7 three months before the market, our Matchmaking Services are used by a growing number of veteran and newcomer participants who average around 40 pre-organized and spontaneous meetings over the course of DISCOP Istanbul.

We Deliver Meetings

  • Schedule Your Meetings

    Attendees can edit and update their profile online.

    Attendees registered as Sellers / Buyers / Producers / Investors can do the following:

    1. Access the complete lists of market participants and their contact details.
    2. Submit a Buyer/Seller/Producer/Investor WISH LIST to our Meeting Organization Service
    4. During the market visit our MEETING ORGANIZATION CENTER (MOC), located inside the exhibiting hall for last-minute meeting planning and changes.

    Sign in below:

    * Username: * Password:



    12 weeks prior to the market, we make sure that all of participants fill out a questionnaire highlighting their business activity, market objectives, product and services for sale, and contact details. This information is used for matchmaking purposes and listing purposes.


    8 weeks prior to the market, we release personalized login and access codes allowing registered participants to access lists of confirmed participants, complete with their business profiles and contact details.

    Eligible participants can then request the assistance of our staff in identifying possible prospects amongst confirmed participants and/or submit a MEETINGS WISH LIST to our staff who will contact selected prospects and arrange meetings on their behalf.

    They can also access online dialog, matchmaking and agenda planning tools designed to simply request, accept, decline and propose alternate meeting times via electronic messages embedded with the appropriate links.

    Eligible participants using our matchmaking services are expected to check their online agenda and dialog boxes on almost a daily basis. They can also black out specific time slots destined for other market activities and during which she or he will not be available for meetings.

    Each week, they will also receive:

    (1)  A list of confirmed participants, complete with their contact details.

    (2)  A list of content sellers regrouped by genre


    Upon their arrival, those of our eligible participants requesting our personalized assistance will be provided with an agenda of the meetings planned by our matchmaking team on their behalf, as with meeting requests which were not fulfilled due to lack of time slots.

    Two MATCHMAKING CENTERS will be set up (1) in the main exhibiting hall, to specifically assist BUYERS and SELLERS and (2) at the entrance of THE LOUNGE, a restricted area for non-exhibiting delegates, to specifically assist PRODUCERS and INVESTORS.

    Regrouped in two teams, twelve multilingual, matchmaking experts will be available on site to arrange meetings with last-minute attendees and to chase down no-shows via SMS, electronic message boards strategically located across all market areas, and research teams.

    Eligible participants will also be able to retrieve a daily list of walk-in attendees, complete with their contact details, for additional matchmaking opportunities.

    Helping our participants planning as many QUALIFIED MEETINGS as possible on behalf of is therefore not only an integral part of our job, but it is also the best way to successfully help our attendees land new business, strengthen existing relationships, and make sure their investment in DISCOP Africa generates quantifiable results.

  • How do I log in to the meeting organization system?

    Once inside (which you are currently in), at the top-right corner you will find an “ORGANIZE YOUR MEETINGS” section and username and password fields. Usernames and Passwords are sent after registration via email. Please enter your username and password and click ‘GO’. You are now in the meeting platform.

    If you do not have access to your username or password please submit a retrieval request to


    How do I edit my profile?

    Once logged in click the “Profile” tab located in the main menu bar. You will be directed to your personal profile where you can edit:

    Contact info

    Job title

    Company activity

    Content, Product and service Type

    Profile bio.

    Before submitting your updated profile information you will have the option to participate or opt-out of Online Networking (Meeting Organization). Review all changes and click “Submit”.


    If you would like to update first and last or company name please submit your request to


    How can I block specific time slots in my online schedule?

    Once logged in click on the “Block Timeslots” tab. Here you can schedule blocked time slots in 30-minute intervals. By checking the box you’re making yourself unavailable for that specific time period and delegates will not be able to request you for meetings.



    How do I search for participants?

    Once logged in click the “Select Participants” tab. All registered profiles available to you will appear on the screen by company alphabetical order. To view full profiles, simply click on the name. You can browse page by page or use the filter option located on the left side of the page.

    You can search by registration category (role), company activity, content type, product type and service type.



    How can I request a meeting?

    Once logged in the “Select Participants” tab. Here you will have access to registered participants allowed to your enrollment category. At the bottom of the profile you’ll find a “Request” link that will direct you to a new pop up window.

    The pop window will allow you to select meeting times or send a general meeting request. Once the meeting is secured other parties will not have access to that time slot. You can add and invite colleagues or delegates to your meetings and include messages in your requests.



    How do I accept a meeting request?

    Once logged in the “Select Participants” tab. Here you will have access to registered participants allowed to your enrollment category. If you have been requested for a meeting you will see a new tab on the page labeled “Invitations”. You will see all pending invitations and you’ll have the option to accept or decline the meeting.



    How do I view, email and print my online meeting schedule?

    Once logged in click the “Schedule” tab. You will see a 3-day schedule with meetings and empty timeslots. On the top-right corner, below the menu bar you will see three small icons (iCal, an email icon and a print icon). From here you can download your schedule in calendar format, email it and or print it.



    How can I add events to my schedule during the Market?

    Once logged in click the “Events” tab. All events available to you will be listed on the screen. Under the “Sign Up” section on the right, click the “register” button then “Continue”. You are now registered for that event.