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Imira Entertainment Debuts Newly Extended Slate at Discop 2015

Imira Entertainment Debuts Newly Extended Slate at Discop 2015

| On 12, Feb 2015

Imira Entertainment, Spain’s leading production and distribution company specialising in youth programming is attending DISCOP 2015 with an international catalogue of over 4,000 half hours of quality animation and live action series and films, aimed at kids from preschool to tweens. Imira’s catalogue has been even further bolstered with original content from its new parent company Toonz Animation. Imira Entertainment will be at DISCOP Istanbul on the European Stand, table 17.

The slate includes classic chase comedy Rat-A-Tat (234 x 7’); the cheerful duo of Irma and her puppy Cleo (39 x 5’); Humpty Dumpty’s revamped superpowers in fairytale twist HTDT (52 x 11’) and Lucky Fred (104 x 12’), the local kid with a wonder-robot companion. Also on the slate are Marvel’s action heroes Wolverine and the X-Men (26 x 22’) and enchanting JK Rowling biopic Magic Beyond Words (1 x 90’).

Rat-A-Tat is a hyper-energy show packed with crazy chase sequences and character casualties! Don, a charming house-dog is at war with Charly, Marly & Larry – the trio of mischievous mice that has set camp in his house. Don’s ally and only aide is his brother Colonel, an ex-army dog. He may be smarter than Don, but certainly no match for the rascally rodents. The show follows Don and Colonels battle for peace in their home – incessantly disturbed in inventive ways by the three mice.

Cleo is an excitable puppy enchanted by his young owner Irma’s multi-coloured braces – which give her a smile like the rainbow. The preschool series features distinctive crayon-style animation and the narration of the titular hound.

In this anime-inspired bedtime story reimagined, Humpty Dumpty is failed by all the King’s horses and all the King’s men – who hand him over to the Kings bio-nuclear scientist instead. Humpty is revived from his fall and infused with a unique polymer matrix of Hydrogen and ‘Bombinium’ – an alteration which sees the invincible crime fighting HTDT born. Now with the help of the scientist’s 10 year old son Axel and Axel’s savvy babysitter Arisa, HTDT is battling to keep his magical world right-side-up – and to thwart the evil machinations of the Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick Maker, criminal masterminds determined to ruin the fairytale endings. HTDT fights alongside his friends in this high-energy comedy to make sure that everyone gets to live happily ever after.

Lucky Fred follows the comic adventures of Fred, an ordinary 13-year-old boy who accidentally becomes the owner of a super-powered, shape-shifting robot who can turn into any object Fred dreams of with a simple voice command.   The robot’s real name is Anihilator 9-0-9-0-9-0-niner, but he answers to “Friday”. Before he veered off course, Friday was sent to the Earth intended for Fred’s new next-door neighbour Brianna, a strange girl from his class whose true identity is Agent Brains — a highly skilled member of a secret, intergalactic security force called ‘the Protectors’. Brains is the Protector assigned to the Earth, and routinely gets called to save the planet before an alien attack becomes public knowledge.

When an explosive event shatters the lives of the X-Men and takes away their mentor, the beaten heroes walk away from it all. But then they’re given a rare glimpse into the future, and see a world in utter ruin, ruled by giant destructive robots. A world that spiraled out of control because the X-Men had given up. So now the most legendary of all X-Men takes the lead – Wolverine! Wolverine and the X-Men sees these broken heroes reunite under his leadership, and embark on the ultimate mission – to prevent the world’s destruction. To rescue us from ourselves. To save the future.

Magic Beyond Words dramatizes the British author JK Rowling’s struggle to bring the beloved wizard fantasy of Harry Potter to life as a single mother on welfare and become one of the world’s wealthiest women, with more than 400 million copies of her visionary books sold across the globe resulting in a billion-dollar film franchise. The film is an inspiring look at a woman’s rise to become one of the most influential writers ever – from her humble beginnings as an imaginative young girl and awkward teenager to the devastating loss of her mother and the genesis of the Harry Potter phenomenon in her early twenties.

For further information please visit or set up a meeting with them at DISCOP Istanbul. Meeting Services are available here.

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